I was once a huge lover of finished testimony. When the testimony is gift wrapped with a shiny bow on it, and when the story has a fairy tale ending. It’s beautiful, positive, and so encouraging.

When God asked me to tell my story, I told him, “But God, it’s not finished yet.” The reply I got was, “It will never be.” Some of our dreams will never be fulfilled here on earth.

When it’s so tempting to sweep this unfinished testimony and hide it under a rug, I realize God is here in the ruins.

When all this hurt and pain is so real, and so is the comfort and the peace I experience. It’s all bittersweet.

From the life of Job

There’s not a person who did not point to me about the life of Job after Elliot. They quote, “God will restore you in double!” I always thought Job’s life had that shiny bow in the end until this revelation. The observations that restoration brought and I could understand only after experiencing loss.

Job 42: 10-17 shares the epilogue of Job. Observe the actions taken by the protagonist

Job 42:15. How Job names his daughters born to him after loss – Jemimah meaning dove symbolizing peace, Keziah symbolizing equality, and Keren for strength. These names speak louder for how he felt.

Same verse, he gives the inheritance to his daughters. In those times daughters did not get to inherit property. Job tries to break the social stigma, the barrier. He did not shut up!

And people who left him long ago now come back and sympathizes, giving him comfort. Why someone needs comfort after his blessing has been restored?

Job’s life after the loss was so bittersweet.

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